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Gillian E. Friedman

Gillian E. Friedman

Areas of Practice

  • Professional License Defense
  • Investigation Defense
  • Writ and Appellate Matters


Practicing law for over 30 years

  • Former DOJ Deputy Attorney General, Licensing Section
  • 22 years of experience as DOJ prosecutor for dozens of licensing agencies
  • Expert license defense for physicians, nurses, pharmacies, healthcare businesses, and all professional licensees
  • Legal authority on California licensing enforcement matters
  • Department of Consumer Affairs DOI investigations
  • Insurance fraud and abuse litigation
  • Community Care Licensing Division issues
  • State and Federal regulatory agency issues
  • Licensed to practice in California

Former Deputy Attorney General defending you

When your career, your assets, and your reputation are on the line, Gillian Friedman is the defense attorney you can count on to defend your rights and fight your case vigorously. As a former Deputy Attorney General in the Department of Justice Licensing Section, Ms. Friedman has an unparalleled understanding of California licensing regulatory systems and enforcement.

During her 22-year tenure as a Deputy Attorney General, she represented dozens of state licensing agencies, pursued investigations, and prosecuted over 750 enforcement disciplinary cases.

Her two decades of experience at the Department of Justice have made Ms. Friedman one of California’s foremost legal authorities in defending licensing agency investigative and enforcement actions. She has the invaluable experience clients need when facing high-stakes investigations and disciplinary proceedings.

Client reviews rank Chudnovsky Law amongst the top-rated law firms in California. Over the past 30 years, Ms. Friedman has earned her reputation as a compassionate, highly skilled attorney.

Professional license defense

Ms. Friedman provides administrative law professional license defense representation for physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, chiropractors, healthcare corporations, insurance agencies, and all licensed professionals accused of unprofessional conduct, negligence, fraud, or other acts that may impact their ability to practice their profession.

If you are under investigation or are dealing with an accusation, suspension, or revocation, Ms. Friedman will skillfully represent you in front of all California professional licensing agencies, including:

  • All 40 Department of Consumer Affairs licensing agencies
  • Medical Board of California
  • California Board of Nursing
  • California State Board of Pharmacy
  • Dental Board of California
  • California Board of Psychology
  • Board of Chiropractic Examiners
  • Insurance fraud control units
  • California Department of Public Health
  • California Department of Social Services
  • California Department of Insurance
  • California Department of Real Estate
  • CDSS Community Care Licensing Division
  • Department of Consumer Affairs, Division of Investigation
  • Department of Justice, Attorney General
  • Office of Administrative Hearings
  • Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)

Extensive trial experience

If an administrative hearing or court trial will decide your case, Ms. Friedman’s experience will help you achieve the best possible outcome. She has been arguing administrative hearings, trials, writ, and appellate matters for over thirty years, both as a former Deputy Attorney General and in private practice. She has cross-examined countless experts and witnesses and is prepared to skillfully challenge evidence presented against you and effectively argue your case at trial.

Writs and appeals

If you wish to appeal an adverse decision at the administrative level, Ms. Friedman provides legal representation for writ of administrative mandamus (also called writ of mandate) appeals in Superior Court. Ms. Friedman is experienced in the complex issues involved in writ appeals, including venue selection, ex parte petitions for stay of revocation, suspension, or disciplining the license, and drafting and arguing effective writ appeals in court.

Service area

Gillian handles professional license defense cases statewide throughout California.


Gillian Friedman received her undergraduate degree from the University of California Irvine and her Juris Doctor degree from Southwestern Law School.

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