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California Professional License Defense

Discovering that your professional license is under scrutiny or was revoked can deeply unsettle you. Your license is more than a credential. It's the key to your livelihood, your reputation, and the service you provide to your community.

When you find yourself in such a challenging situation, you need strong legal support. That's where Chudnovsky Law comes in. Our experienced team of professional license defense attorneys is committed to protecting your career by offering legal strategies tailored to your specific situation.


Why Choose Us?

Our attorneys have over 75 years of combined experience and have successfully handled over 8,000 cases and trials. We understand the gravity of professional license defense and have a proven track record of achieving favorable outcomes for our clients.

California Professional License Defense Attorneys

We offer a complete range of services covering criminal defense and the specific issues surrounding professional license defense. This comprehensive approach allows us to tackle your case from multiple angles and ensure the best possible defense strategy.

We understand the urgency and stress involved in professional license defense cases. To make it easier for you, our DUI and criminal defense attorneys at Chudnovsky Law have offices conveniently located throughout California, including Los Angeles, Orange County, Long Beach, Santa Monica, and Santa Barbara.

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What You Need to Know About California Professional License Defense

California has many professional licenses governed by various state boards and agencies. These range from the Medical Board of California overseeing healthcare providers to the California Contractors State License Board for contractors and the California Department of Real Estate for real estate agents. Each of these entities has its set of regulations and enforcement mechanisms.

Types of Actions Against Your License

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Actions against your professional license can vary in their severity and impact. They can start from relatively minor infractions such as citations or fines, escalate to suspension, and go as far as complete revocation of your license. Additionally, other penalties may include probationary terms, mandatory continuing education, or extra supervision.

The Administrative Process

Usually, actions against a professional license begin with a complaint or an investigation. From there, the agency may issue an Accusation, leading to administrative hearings.

These hearings are not like traditional court trials; they follow a different set of rules and procedures, which makes specialized legal representation crucial for your case.

The Importance of Timely Response

Responding to a complaint or Accusation promptly is important. There are specific deadlines within which you need to respond to protect your rights and begin mounting your defense. Delay in this stage can seriously hamper your chances of a successful outcome.

Available Defense Strategies

Defense strategies can vary depending on the nature and severity of the action against your license. These may involve challenging the evidence presented, questioning procedural issues, or negotiating for lesser penalties.

Chudnovsky Law's team has a deep understanding of the legal landscape and administrative intricacies involved, allowing us to tailor a defense strategy suited to your particular case.

Your Right to Due Process

While the actions taken by a professional board may seem final, you have a right to due process. This includes the right to be heard and to defend your professional reputation, and it's where legal counsel can make a significant difference.

By working with Chudnovsky Law, you benefit from a team that understands the ins and outs of California professional license defense. We aim to guide you through this complex process, ensuring you understand your rights, options, and the strategies to protect your professional future.

What to Do After a Professional License Revocation


If your professional license has been revoked, you need to act quickly. While the revocation of a license is severe, it's not necessarily the end. Specific appeal processes and the potential for negotiation can result in license reinstatement or a lesser form of disciplinary action.

Build a Strong Defense

When it comes to protecting your professional license, the stakes are incredibly high. A well-formulated defense is your lifeline to preserve your career and reputation.

Chudnovsky Law is committed to developing meticulously researched and strategically executed defense plans tailored to each client's unique situation. Let's explore some of the potential defense avenues that we might pursue.

Challenging the Credibility of Evidence

One of the foundational elements of a strong defense strategy is scrutinizing the evidence brought against you. Our attorneys know how to assess the validity, source, and credibility of evidence to determine if it meets the legal standards for admissibility.

Whether it's testimonial inconsistencies or questions about the handling and custody of physical evidence, this scrutiny can often result in the weakening of the case against you.

Identifying Procedural Errors

Attorney Robert Weinberg

Administrative agencies must adhere to specific protocols during investigations, and failing to do so can result in a dismissal of the case. Our team can detect any procedural irregularities that may have happened during your investigation, such as violations of your due process rights, improper notification, or insufficient documentation.

Mitigating Circumstances

If there are extenuating factors that can explain the alleged misconduct, these can be part of your defense to either reduce the severity of the action against you or, in some instances, have the case dismissed. These can include misunderstanding of facts, lack of intent, or even cases of mistaken identity. Chudnovsky Law's attorneys will work to gather supportive evidence to leverage these circumstances in your favor.

Negotiation for Lesser Penalties

Sometimes, the best strategy is to negotiate for a more lenient penalty, especially if the evidence against you is strong. This can mean accepting probation instead of a license suspension or negotiating additional training and supervision rather than more punitive measures.

Our team has extensive experience in such negotiations, ensuring you receive the most favorable terms possible.

Character References and Expert Testimonies

Positive character references and expert testimonies can have a significant impact on your case.

Our criminal defense attorneys will identify and secure such references and will also seek expert opinions to counteract any negative evidence or to validate your professional capabilities.

If an adverse decision has already happened, you may appeal it. Our attorneys have experience preparing compelling arguments for appeals supported by solid evidence and case law.

Frequently Asked Questions About California Professional License Defense

What Kinds of Professionals Does Chudnovsky Law Represent?

Chudnovsky Law represents a wide variety of professionals, including healthcare providers like nurses, physicians, and pharmacists; contractors; real estate agents; and financial service providers, among others. Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to apply successful defense strategies across many fields.

What Types of Actions Can the State Take Against My Professional License?

In California, you can face several disciplinary actions against your professional license, depending on the gravity of the alleged violation, the specific regulatory board involved, and other contextual factors. A set of complex administrative laws and regulations regulate and govern disciplinary actions against professional licenses.

For less severe violations, the licensing board may issue a citation and a fine. These citations may be public or private. A public citation will be a matter of public record and can affect your professional reputation, while a private one remains confidential. Fines can vary greatly, from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, depending on the offense and the governing board's fine schedule.

In certain cases, a licensing board may issue a cease and desist order, requiring you to stop a specific activity that violates regulations immediately. Failure to comply can result in further penalties, including legal action.

Under probation, you might be allowed to continue your professional practice, but under certain conditions. These can include regular reporting to the licensing board, undergoing drug tests, taking additional educational courses, or practicing under the supervision of another licensed professional.

A license suspension means you cannot practice for a certain period. Suspension terms can range from a few days to several years and may come with specific conditions for reinstatement, such as completing a rehabilitation program or passing a reexamination.

The most severe action against your license is revocation. This means you lose your right to practice in California indefinitely. Depending on the board and the severity of the violation, there might be a possibility for petitioning for reinstatement after a certain number of years, but this is not guaranteed.

In some cases, the board may mandate additional training or educational courses that you must complete within a given timeframe. Failure to comply can result in further disciplinary action.

For certain offenses, particularly for healthcare providers, the board may require that the professional practice under increased supervision for a designated period. This can include regular inspections, peer reviews, or having another licensed professional oversee their work.

Other forms of disciplinary action can include written reprimands, formal letters of admonishment, or even restrictions on the scope of your practice.

In cases where the licensee is considered an immediate threat to the public, an Interim Suspension Order can be issued, effectively suspending the license temporarily before a formal hearing takes place.

Some actions against your license may require you to report the disciplinary action to other regulatory bodies or employers, which can further impact your professional life.

What Is the First Step if My License Is Threatened or Revoked?

Consult a law firm that handles professional license defense, like Chudnovsky Law. Time is of the essence, as delays can hurt your case. We offer 24/7 initial consultations to get the ball rolling on your defense strategy as soon as possible.

What Goes On During the Administrative Process?

Typically, the administrative process begins with a complaint or an investigation, which may lead to the issuing of an accusation by the respective board or agency. Next come administrative hearings that differ significantly from conventional court trials, which is why specialized legal representation is vital.

Can I Appeal a Revoked License?

Yes, a license revocation is severe but not always final. There are specific appeal processes and channels for negotiation that might lead to the reinstatement of your license or a lesser form of disciplinary action. Our experienced attorneys can guide you through the appeal process effectively.

How Does Chudnovsky Law Develop a Defense Strategy?

Our team conducts a thorough investigation to scrutinize the evidence against you and identify any procedural errors. We consider mitigating circumstances and leverage them to build a strong defense strategy tailored to your unique case. 

Where necessary, we negotiate for lesser penalties and utilize character references and expert testimonies to bolster your defense.

How Soon Should I Contact an Attorney?

Immediately. Responding promptly to any complaint or Accusation is essential to preserve your rights and start building your defense. Failure to act within specific deadlines can seriously hinder your chances for a successful outcome.

Do I Have a Right to Due Process?

Absolutely. You have a right to be heard and defend your professional reputation. Chudnovsky Law can guide you through the complex administrative procedures to protect your rights at every stage of the process.

What Makes Chudnovsky Law Different?

Our award-winning team of attorneys brings over 75 years of combined experience, handling more than 8,000 cases and trials. We offer a comprehensive range of services and have offices strategically located throughout California for your convenience.

With a deep understanding of both criminal defense and professional license defense, we are ready to tackle your case from multiple angles for the best possible outcome.

How Do I Get Started with Chudnovsky Law?

Simply reach out to us for an initial consultation, available 24/7. We will start by understanding the specifics of your case, evaluating your options, and outlining a preliminary defense strategy.

Contact Chudnovsky Law today and take the crucial step to protect your professional career.

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