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California professional license defense attorneys Robert K. Weinberg, Suzanne Crouts, and Melissa DuChene provide professional license defense and criminal defense for licensed professionals and businesses.

Professional License Consultation

When your career is on the line, time spent consulting with an experienced professional license and criminal defense attorney can be one of the most important conversations in your life.

During a consultation, you will have the opportunity to get essential information needed to make costly, major life decisions. It is crucial that you be able to make these decisions based on experienced advice and an accurate understanding of the risks.

A consultation also allows you to get to know your attorney before retaining them. During the consultation, your attorney will provide legal analysis and advice to help assess risks, answer your questions, and develop a plan of action.


Common consultation topics include:

  • Analysis of an alleged offense and typical board outcomes.
  • Review strategies to get an investigation closed without discipline.
  • What does a professional license attorney do for you?
  • What to expect in an anticipated or pending disciplinary action.
  • Review preparation or steps you can take to minimize discipline.
  • Discuss likelihood of success of a reinstatement or penalty relief petition.
  • Understand how a DUI or criminal charge can affect your license.
  • How to handle a criminal charge or investigation for the best outcome.
  • If other criminal defense counsel is utilized on a criminal or DUI matter, provide advice on optimal plea deal terms to minimize license consequences.


65+ years of experience working for you

Chudnovsky Law attorneys Robert K. WeinbergSuzanne Crouts, and Melissa DuChene are highly respected professional license defense attorneys with a combined 65+ years experience practicing law.

Our attorneys offer hourly consultations via phone or in office. They provide vigorous legal defense of licensed professionals and healthcare businesses for cases involving professional license administrative law, Federal, and state criminal law.


A 1 hour attorney license consultation costs $425

If you choose to engage Chudnovsky Law for the matter discussed within 30 days, the $425 fee will be credited to the fee for your case so the consultation will be Free.


Frequently asked questions

How to get the most out of a consultation?

  1. Provide relevant records and be prepared to answer questions. Depending on the type of matter, we may request that you email relevant records ahead of time so that we can review them before your consultation. These can include a formal accusation, demand letter or other communications to/from your licensing board. If there are criminal charges and/or prior matters, have the records, police report and any applicable criminal statutes you have been charged with.
  2. Create a list of the questions you would like answered.


What are the stages in a license disciplinary action?

Professional license disciplinary actions occur in stages. While there can be slight differences between various licensing boards, licensing agencies under the Department of Consumer Affairs generally follow the same stages explained here for nursing licenses:

The six stages in a nursing license disciplinary action:
  1. Nurse complaint or criminal charge
  2. Investigation and interview
  3. Formal Accusation filed
  4. Administrative hearing at OAH
  5. Writ of mandamus appeal
  6. License reinstatement or penalty relief


What types of licensed professionals do you represent?

We represent all California licensed professionals, including those licensed by the DEA, all 40 Department of Consumer Affairs licensing agencies, and many others, including:

Do you represent businesses?

We represent health care and other businesses and corporations for licensing defense, Medicare, Medical insurance reimbursement, DEA diversion, and patient care matters. We serve the needs of licensed businesses such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Senior care and assisted living facilities
  • Adult day health care businesses
  • At home health care providers and agencies
  • Long term health care facilities
  • Pharmacies
  • Pharmaceutical distributors, vendors and wholesalers
  • Skilled nursing facilities (SNF)
  • Accountancy corporation
  • Alarm company
  • Appraisal management company
  • Automotive repair dealer, and smog check test & repair station
  • Barbering and cosmetology establishment
  • Cannabis distributor, transport, retailer
  • Child care businesses
  • Funeral establishment, crematory
  • Insurance agencies
  • Private patrol operator
  • Structural pest control company
  • Veterinary premises


Why is there a fee for legal consultation/analysis?

Time spent consulting with an experienced professional license and criminal defense attorney can be one of the most important conversations in your life. When your career is on the line, you need an attorney with the expertise needed to skillfully resolve your matter.

During the consult you have the opportunity to get key information needed to make costly, major life decisions and evaluate your attorney. You should make these decisions based on experienced advice and an accurate understanding of the laws.

Charging a fee allows us to focus our attention and invest time to read your documents and explore the factors that will be important to help achieve your goals.

Even if you think you have just a few simple questions, that is rarely the case. Administrative law is one of the most complex areas of US law with constantly changing rules and subtleties that require skillful interpretation and analysis of many factors.


What is the Patient’s Right to Know Act?

California’s “Patient’s Right to Know Act” enacted July 1, 2019 requires licensees disclose to patients in writing if they are subject to any board disciplinary action before their next patient appointment.

Patients must sign a written disclosure if their doctor has been placed on probation for sexual misconduct, drug or alcohol abuse, inappropriate prescriptions or criminal convictions that involve harm to a patient.

The law applies to all healing arts licensees, including those licensed by:

  • Medical Board of California
  • California Board of Podiatric Medicine
  • Osteopathic Medical Board of California
  • Naturopathic Medicine Committee
  • State Board of Chiropractic Examiners
  • Acupuncture Board


Client Testimonials

“Suzanne Crouts provided excellent representation in a very stressful professional license defense matter. Our case involved a disgruntled former partner filing a false allegation that triggered a high stakes Medical Board investigation. Suzanne gave us her cell phone number and was always responsive and highly effective in defending our Medical license. She was able to get the matter closed with no action taken. We highly recommend her and Chudnovsky Law for anyone needing a skilled, dedicated medical license defense attorney.”



“Attorney Robert Weinberg and Fred were excellent. I knew after speaking with them that this was the team I needed to help me. They knew exactly what to do and gave clear, straightforward answers to my questions. They were the most knowledgeable team I could find after speaking with several professional license defense attorneys. Robert gave me very detailed instructions on what to do and helped create an effective response package for the Board of Registered Nursing investigator.

He achieved the exact outcome I wanted. My case was closed with no action and my nursing license record remains spotless. I highly recommend Chudnovsky Law and this team.”



“I was referred to Melissa Duchene by another attorney I know. He connected us for my nursing issue and gave her the highest recommendation. This has turned out to be one of the best referrals I’ve ever received…Melissa has been a lifesaver! She is an expert in defending healthcare workers and was very effective in resolving my matter. She’s been so supportive and helpful at every step in the process. She carefully coached and prepared me for a high stakes interview that turned out to be critical. Thank you Melissa! I don’t know what I would have done without you! ❤”


“This is a top notch firm. My attorney Suzanne Crouts really impressed me with her capabilities, professionalism and humanity. She took care of a nerve-wracking nursing license matter for me during covid. She understood the complex issue I was dealing with and always knew the exact right thing to do. Thank you Suzanne. You really made a big difference in my family’s life!”


“I can give Chudnovsky Law and attorney Robert Weinberg a strong recommendation. He resolved a dangerous investigation against our assisted living facility that could have resulted in federal criminal charges and losing our medical license. The case was closed with no action. Robert was a consummate professional and very effective at clearing our name. If you need an expert professional license defense attorney that is enjoyable to work with, give him a call.”


Refund Policy

The consultation fee is refundable upon your request if the lawyer consultation is not provided for any reason such as schedule conflicts or you wish to cancel the consultation. We do not offer refunds once the lawyer consultation has been provided.

If you choose to engage the lawyer for the matter discussed within 30 days, the consultation fee will be credited to the fee for your case.

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