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California Misdemeanor Lawyer

Misdemeanor defense lawyer

If you or a loved one are charged with a misdemeanor crime or are under investigation, it is important to protect yourself and consult an experienced misdemeanor defense lawyer as early as possible in the process. What may seem like a minor misdemeanor offense can trigger consequences that affect you and your family for life.

At Chudnovsky Law, our criminal defense attorneys use their 65+ years of experience to skillfully defend you in criminal courts. Our misdemeanor lawyer defends clients throughout all Los Angeles and Orange County courts. We know what you are facing and work tirelessly to obtain the best possible outcome for you.


Defense against all misdemeanor charges

The legal definition of misdemeanor is a crime punishable by a fine and/or a county jail sentence of up to 1 year. The California Penal Code defines hundreds of misdemeanors, and many “wobbler” crimes that can be prosecuted as an infraction, misdemeanor or felony depending on the case, aggravating factors and prior criminal record.Even though misdemeanor charges are less serious than felony charges, they still involve fines, strict probation, a criminal record and even jail time. Misdemeanor convictions can cause loss of professional licenses, job opportunities, immigration rights and other collateral consequences.

Chudnovsky Law’s misdemeanor and felony defense attorneys vigorously defend you no matter what charge you’re facing. Defending a criminal case requires a careful analysis of the evidence, the DA’s case and all available criminal defense strategies. Our Los Angeles misdemeanor lawyer has experience handling every type of case, including:

While our Orange County misdemeanor attorneys are successful trial lawyers, we understand the primary goal is to obtain the best possible case outcome. That can be achieved via: (1) DA dismissal, (2) a carefully negotiated plea deal, or (3) winning acquittal in a court trial. Every case is different and we use the best strategy for yours.

What is a “wobbler” misdemeanor?

Wobbler offenses are crimes that District Attorneys have discretion whether to file as a misdemeanor or felony based on the defendant’s criminal record and case circumstances. There are also “wobblette” offenses that can be filed as a misdemeanor or infraction.

Misdemeanor / felony wobblers

The California penal code defines hundreds of wobbler offenses. Common examples of misdemeanors that are wobblers include:

Infraction / misdemeanor wobblettes

Common examples of misdemeanors that can also be charged as an infraction include:

  • Criminal trespassing 602 pc
  • Disturbing the peace 415 pc
  • Driving on a suspended license 14601.1(a) vc
  • Driving without a California license 12500(a) vc
  • Speed contest 23109 vc

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What are the best misdemeanor legal defenses?

Under U.S. law, defendants are innocent until a prosecutor proves several crime elements beyond a reasonable doubt. Criminal charges have the most strict burden of proof of any legal proceedings. In order to convict you, the District Attorney must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that:

  1. A crime was committed,
  2. You were the one who committed it, and for most offenses
  3. You had criminal intent when you committed it.

The best criminal defense strategies focus on exposing doubts or legal flaws in any of the key facts or criminal intent that a prosecutor must prove. The types of defense strategies used by Long Beach criminal attorneys vary between criminal and DUI charges.

Select the guide below for either DUI or all other misdemeanor criminal offenses:





Do I need a lawyer for a misdemeanor?

Interacting with the criminal justice system can be very stressful and fraught with risks that affect your life, your future and your family. The police and District Attorneys have tremendous resources and can be very intimidating. Once you are caught up in the system, law enforcement is not on your side and one mistake can cost you dearly.

If you are facing charges, it is crucial to consult a Los Angeles misdemeanor lawyer for guidance and representation. There are many ways criminal defense lawyers help you. They are trained to analyze a case for errors, weaknesses, and defense strategies to use to argue for a case dismissal, reduction of charges, or getting a case rejected by the DA.

California misdemeanor criminal defense attorneys

Misdemeanor convictions can affect you for life

Don’t get lulled into a “it’s just a misdemeanor” mindset. A criminal conviction for a misdemeanor charge can trigger a jail sentence, fines, strict probation terms and leave you with a criminal record that follows you for life. Criminal convictions show up on background checks and can affect professional licenses, immigration rights, family rights, voting rights, gun rights and career opportunities.

Because of the collateral consequences of criminal convictions, your best course of action is usually to fight misdemeanor charges. Without representation by an experienced, trustworthy criminal defense lawyer, it is nearly impossible for a defendant to prevent conviction or persuade the judge to reduce the sentence. The criminal justice system is complex with opaque rules and many potential traps.

A lawyer can also help with expungement of criminal records and obtaining other relief such as a pardon. Expunging a criminal record can help with employment and background checks and gaining back rights you may have lost because of conviction.

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Misdemeanor Lawyer in Los Angeles and Orange County CA

Can I expunge a misdemeanor conviction record?

There are many consequences to having misdemeanor and felony convictions on your record. However, in California many types of criminal convictions are eligible for dismissal, or “expungement” under 1203.4 pc at the end of probation. You just need to have your criminal defense attorney petition the court.

Once a judge grants misdemeanor expungement, your criminal record will be clean and you will be released from virtually “all penalties and disabilities” arising from the conviction. You will no longer need to disclose the criminal conviction to potential employers and those checking your background.

To learn more about cleaning your criminal record, contact us to speak with one of our experienced criminal defense lawyers.

What are misdemeanor immigration consequences?

Criminal convictions and simply being arrested can cause serious issues for non-US citizens. Some offenses can affect immigration status, visa eligibility, trigger visa revocation and even deportation proceedings. For example:

  • A simple arrest and fingerprinting can get an international student F1 visa revoked. Revocation can happen before charges are even filed or the student has an opportunity to defend themselves in court.
  • Conviction for misdemeanor DUI eliminates eligibility for DACA.
  • Crimes such as burglary, domestic violence, drug distribution or drug trafficking, sexual abuse or exploitation, and unlawful use or possession of a firearm affect immigrant visa and green card eligibility and eliminate DACA eligibility.

Noncitizens facing criminal charges need an attorney with expertise in both immigration and criminal law. Tsion Chudnovsky is a criminal immigration lawyer with extensive experience defending noncitizens from every type of criminal allegation.

To learn more, contact us for a free consultation.

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Experienced misdemeanor lawyers

Chudnovsky Law is a team of accomplished criminal defense attorneys known and respected by prosecutors and judges as honest, tenacious advocates for clients. The firm’s three senior attorneys have a combined 65+ years experience guiding clients through some of life’s most challenging situations.

Chudnovsky Law lawyers are ranked Top 100 Trial Lawyers by National Trial Lawyers and Avvo 10.0 Superb Rating. The knowledgable legal team includes:

  • Tsion Chudnovsky: 16+ years of experience, with a focus on criminal defense and immigration law. Tsion is fluent in 5 languages and is a recognized authority in criminal defense for both US and non-US citizens. Read bio →
  • Robert K. Weinberg: Former District Attorney with over 30 years experience handling over 5,000 cases and jury trials. Robert specializes in criminal defense, federal criminal defense and professional license defense. Read bio →
  • Suzanne M. Crouts: Highly experienced defense attorney with 19+ years experience handling over 1,500 criminal cases and jury trials. Suzanne specializes in criminal defense and professional license defense. Read bio →

5-Star ratings ★★★★★

Exceptional case outcomes and service has allowed us to achieve 5-star ratings on:

We encourage you to read client testimonials to learn more about how we’ve helped other clients resolve their cases. Call (844) 325-1444 for a free consultation.

Our Client Testimonials

“I recently got myself into trouble and needed a lawyer ASAP. I reached out to Tsion Chudnovsky and she responded quickly on a weekend. I was very anxious because a criminal charge would wreak havoc with my job.

Tsion carefully listened to me and walked me through all the key things to focus on. During one of the darkest times of my life, she came through and pulled me back from the ledge. She is wicked smart and really made a difference in my case and my life.”

“My felony DUI was reduced to dry reckless. I got in an accident and was arrested for a DUI. Unfortunately there was substantial injury involved and I got charged with Felony DUI. I was really freaked out by the whole thing and what the consequences could be. Tsion and her team really went above and beyond to calm me down and educate me on my options and how they would attack the charges. After some careful research, they identified some issues with the evidence and were able to able reduce the charge to a dry reckless and I kept my license. I can wholeheartedly recommend Chudnovsky Law. They are top notch!”


“Excellent experience from start to finish. My partner was arrested for a felony criminal charge and I found Mr Weinberg after searching online for a well reviewed attorney. He responded quickly on a Saturday and helped immediately arrange bail at a discounted bond fee.

You can tell Robert really cares and he knew the DA in our case…which turned out to be a big bonus. You feel protected and respected with him representing you. He has a lot of gravitas with prosecutors and judges. We always felt like he was very skilled at handling our case and gave very sage advice on what to do every step of the way. Long story short, he got the charge dismissed. Thank you!”


“My lawyer was one of the best, if not the best professional person I have ever met. She was very personable, knowledgable, prompt and reassuring. I was charged with two horrible crimes that would have destroyed my life and she got both charges dismissed. There are no words to describe how grateful I am. If you find yourself in trouble, I can wholeheartedly recommend call Chudnovsky Law!”


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