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Newport Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you or a loved one are facing a Newport Beach DUI or criminal charge, be very careful. Convictions risk your freedom, your record and your job.

It is key to hire a Newport Beach criminal defense lawyer or Newport Beach DUI lawyer as early as possible. Your case can potentially be won no matter how it appears.

We will skillfully fight to get charges dropped or reduced, keep you out of jail and reduce fines and penalties. If you are dealing with any DUIdomestic violencedrug chargesex crimemisdemeanor, felony, or investigation, we can immediately help. We offer affordable fees and flexible payment plans.


Former Newport Beach Prosecutor Fighting For You

Our Former Prosecutors are experts in the OC court system and use their experience successfully handling 8,500+ DUI and criminal cases to fight for the best possible outcome. We know how to be smart and strategic in your defense.

Often it is not the facts of the case that result in the best possible outcome, but relationships, understanding the system, and skillfully presenting your case. Usually we can appear in court for you to save you the hassle of attending court proceedings.

Stop the Automatic DUI Driver’s License Suspension

You only have 10 days from date of DUI arrest to request a DMV hearing or your license will be suspended! We handle this for you to protect your rights and save your license.

If you want the best outcome possible to your case, give us a call. You can rest assured that our seasoned criminal attorney Newport Beach knows OC courts inside out and will fight smart and tenaciously to get your charges reduced or dismissed.



Learn about the best legal defenses:

Recent Newport Beach criminal defense results:

Chudnovsky Law handles criminal cases in all Orange County courtsHarbor Justice CenterLos AngelesSanta Monica and all Newport Beach area jails.

Here are examples of victories our Newport Beach felony lawyer has achieved:

    • Felony transportation and possession for sale of narcotic for sale (50kg cocaine) HS 11351 and HS 11352, Central Justice Center. Client faced 20 years if convicted. Result: Not guilty by jury trial.
    • Felony domestic violence on spouse by foreign citizen 273.5 PC, Harbor Justice Center. Client faced 1 year jail and denial of immigration green card. Result: Not guilty by jury trial.
    • Felony possession of explosives devices and terrorist threats 18710 PC and 422 PC, Central Justice Center. Client faced 4 years in prison. Result: Not guilty by trial of 18710 PC. 422 PC reduced to misdemeanor, no jail time.
    • Felony assault with firearm 245(a)(2) PC, North Justice Center. Client facing 5 years prison. Result: Reduced to misdemeanor 273.5 PC, no jail time.
    • Felony grand theft 487 PC and 459.5 PC with prior criminal record, West Justice Center. Client faced 4 years of prison. Result: Reduced to misdemeanor, no jail.
    • Large scale theft of US Mail by foreign citizen on work visa 530.5(e) PC, West Justice Center. Client faced 1 year jail, deportation. Result: Reduced to trespassing 602 PC, no jail, no immigration consequence.
    • Felony domestic violence on spouse by non-US citizen 273.5 PC. Foreign executive faced 2 years jail, aggravated felony conviction with deportation and immigration inadmissibility. Result: Dismissed, no immigration consequence.

Recent Newport Beach DUI defense results:

      • Felony 6th DUI with accident resulting in great bodily injury. Client facing up to 16 years prison. Result: 6 months jail.
      • 2nd DUI involving accident, West Justice Center. Client faced violation of probation and up to 1 year jail. Result: Filed motion to suppress evidence, case dismissed.
      • 1st DUI enhanced due to high BAC, Harbor Justice Center. International executive faced 6 mo jail, job loss. Result: Reduced to VC 23105.5 “wet reckless”, no jail time, no immigration or job consequences.
      • 1st DUI enhanced due to high speed and high BAC, non-US citizen faced 6 mo jail, ICE deportation. Result: No jail time, no immigration consequence.
      • 1st DUI by foreign citizen. Client faced 6 months jail and ICE deportation. Result: No jail time, no immigration consequence.
      • 1st DUI enhanced due to very high BAC, Harbor Justice Center. Result: No jail.

Newport Beach DUI resources

Newport Beach criminal defense resources:

DWI Drunk Driving Attorney Newport Beach CA

Newport Beach DUI Attorney

Getting a DUI in Newport Beach is a serious matter that can risk your driver’s license and have a major impact on your personal and professional life. But it is a charge our defense lawyers know how to defeat.

Our skilled Newport Beach DUI lawyer may be able to reduce the charges, exclude evidence against you, negotiate reduced sentencing or even get the matter dismissed altogether.

Get Your Charges Reduced or Dropped

When the stakes are high, you can rely on our former O.C. Deputy District Attorney & Public Defense Lawyers to use their knowledge of the legal system to aggressively fight for you.

Our top rated Newport Beach DUI lawyers have a proven track record of successfully handling thousands of cases including virtually all types of DUI such as 1st misdemeanor DUI, 2nd, 3rd, commercial driver’s license, drunk driving accident, foreign citizen DUI and bodily injury felony DUI including vehicular manslaughter.

Experience You Can Trust

As former government lawyers, our DUI attorney Newport Beach knows firsthand how the OC District Attorney and Harbor Justice Center court operate and how to skillfully work with them.

We also know how to analyze Newport Beach Police reports when building your defense. Our criminal attorneys are skilled at analyzing your case and all evidence for weaknesses and using them to construct successful defenses.

We are ready to skillfully defend you and achieve the best possible outcome.

Can you defeat DUI charges?

DUI cases are challenging, but they can be won. Our Newport Beach DUI attorneys successfully defend DUI cases all the time.

Evidence that seems strong can be tossed out by the court. Police officers can bungle stops and DUI investigations by not following proper procedure. Blood alcohol BAC tests are prone to error and there are many ways they can give falsely high alcohol readings.

Depending on the facts of your case, there are many ways a skilled lawyer can dramatically improve the outcome:

1) Get your charges dismissed outright

This is the most favorable outcome because your record will be totally clear. This can happen if critical evidence is disqualified, if the evidence is insufficient to charge, or if your DUI defense attorney successfully negotiates dismissal.

2) Negotiate a reduction in charges

If the case cannot be dismissed nor defeated in trial, this is the best outcome. DUI penalties and consequences are set by statute in California, so the goal is to reduce the charges to something with lower penalties.

For example, if a DUI is reduced to a dry reckless driving charge (California Vehicle Code 23103 VC), it has greatly reduced penalties including no SR22 insurance requirement, not being considered a “priorable” offense for any future charges, and reduced consequences and fines. Our Newport Beach top rated DUI lawyer knows the courts, the District Attorneys and how to negotiate the best possible outcome.

3) Win an acquittal in trial

If you and your attorney decide to fight your case in a trial, acquittal is when the court determines you are not guilty of the charges. There are strict rules of evidence and procedures for California DUI trials.

A skilled DUI lawyer Newport Beach will carefully review all case evidence, the D.A. and the assigned judge to evaluate the odds of success and compare them to the best outcome that can be negotiated. In general, your odds of acquittal are higher if your DUI attorney can successfully argue that some crucial evidence is inadmissible or flawed.

Best Newport Beach Criminal Defense DUI Lawyer

What are DUI penalties?

The penalties and consequences for DUI can vary widely based on the facts of the case. Judges have discretion to select from a range of penalties as defined in California DUI laws.

Judges consider many factors including: prior criminal record, blood alcohol level, whether there were injuries or property damage and type of drivers license.

Judges select from the following types of penalties:

      1. Fines & penalty assessments ranging from $390 to $18,000
      2. Jail time: from none up to 15 years or even life in prison
      3. License restriction, suspension or permanent revocation
      4. Probation of 3 to 5 years
      5. Mandatory ignition interlock device
      6. Foreign citizen visa revocation and potential deportation

Most penalties can either be dramatically reduced or eliminated if the charges are dismissed or reduced to a lesser offense. 

You can read our Newport Beach drunk driving accident lawyer guide to penalties for all types of DUI by visiting the page below.

Guide to Newport Beach DUI Penalties →

Newport Beach DUI programs

If our attorney is not able to have your DUI dropped, the DUI court judges at Harbor Justice Center will typically require that you enroll in a qualified DUI program for 3 to 18 months, depending on your case.

The court has a list of approved programs throughout southern California. The approved program in Newport Beach is:

Academy of Defensive Driving (website)
2028 Quail St, Newport Beach, CA 92660. Phone: (949)752-0710

Call 844 325-1444 for a Free Consultation

Get Your Charges Dropped or Reduced and Protect Your Future! If you are looking to hire a criminal defense lawyer, we invite you to call for a free confidential consultation 7 days a week.


You only have 10 days after a DUI to stop license suspension

Newport Beach Top Rated DUI Attorney

How can I save my driver’s license?

In Newport Beach, DUI charges trigger a criminal court process and a parallel DMV Admin per se (APS) hearing process. The process and procedure involved in an APS hearing is separate from the criminal court. The DMV provides a short 10 day window to request an APS hearing to dispute the license suspension. They strictly enforce the deadline.

Your license will be automatically suspended 30 days after arrest if we do not request the DMV hearing in time.

Dealing with license suspensions, restrictions and revocations can be very hard to deal with. This is one of the consequences a skilled DUI lawyer will concentrate on to reduce the disruption to your life, work and family.

Your Chudnovsky Law lawyer can help by:

  • Working to stop the DMV suspension using the APS hearing process
  • Skillfully negotiating a plea resolution or fighting the case in trial to eliminate the suspension
  • Educating you on what you need in order to reinstate your license
  • Explaining different options on how to achieve your goals, perhaps by accepting some jail time if needed to reduce the license suspension

The guide below reviews strategies our DUI lawyer Newport Beach uses in the fight to save your license.


Criminal Attorney Newport Beach

If you are facing criminal charges, you need a Newport Beach criminal defense attorney who specializes in criminal defense that will carefully protect your best interests. You need the best criminal attorney in Newport Beach who understands the nuances of your charges and will carefully examine every detail to construct a successful defense strategy for your case.

Protecting you from convictions and penalties is our #1 priority

Our Former Prosecutors understand that criminal charges can have a profound impact on your life. Criminal charges can threaten your personal and professional well-being, your parental rights – and put your future on the line. Our Newport Beach misdemeanor lawyer has had great success in Orange County courtrooms with a strong record of acquittals, reductions in charges, and dismissals.

Our experienced criminal defense lawyers provide smart, aggressive defense for all charges outlined in the California Penal CodeNewport Beach Municipal Code and Federal criminal Title 18 codes:

DUI drunk driving defense

  • Driving While Intoxicated, Drunk in Public
  • Vehicular Assault and Manslaughter, Felony Drunk Driving
  • Driver’s License Suspensions & Restorations
  • Child Endangerment

Drug offenses

  • Marijuana Crimes, Drug Possession, Prescription Drug Charges
  • Pot Dispensary Violations, Making Hash Oil, Honey Oil
  • Federal and Major Felony Drug Trafficking
  • Possession with Intent to Deliver, Drug Distribution and Sales
  • Drug Cultivation and Manufacturing

White collar crimes

  • Credit Card Fraud, Credit Card Theft, Check Forgery
  • Extortion, Identity Theft, Tax Fraud, Tax Evasion
  • Financial Crimes, Fraud and Embezzlement
  • Medicare and Insurance Fraud

Post-conviction services

  • Criminal Record Expungement, Driving License Restoration
  • Probation and Parole Violations

Elder neglect and abuse

Professional license criminal defense

Assault & violent crimes

  • Newport Beach Weapons Charge, Gun Law, Felony Firearm
  • Domestic Violence, Stalking, Aggravated Assault, Hit and Run
  • Arson Charges, Gun Charge Lawyer
  • Assault with Intent to Murder, Homicide

Sex crimes

  • Internet Sex Crime, Indecent Exposure, Lewd Conduct in Public
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct, Sexual Assault, Statutory Rape
  • Prostitution, Sex Solicitation

Property and theft crimes

  • Armed Robbery, Burglary, Receiving Stolen Property
  • Newport Beach Shoplifting, Misdemeanor Theft

Federal criminal defense lawyer

Juvenile offenses

Newport Beach criminal cases are prosecuted by the Newport Beach City Attorney or the Orange County District Attorney’s Newport Beach office.

Start your defense as early as possible

If you have just been arrested or someone you know is in custody for a crime, contact us asap. Even if you are under investigation, you need to start working to defend against aggressive prosecutors and police. We believe there’s no time to waste.

The most critical window for defense work may be the first few days following an arrest, or even prior to formal charges being filed.

By getting to work immediately, often we can locate favorable defense evidence and witnesses, and get a head start towards defeating the charges. And sometimes it’s possible to stop criminal charges from being filed.

The Newport Beach Indy reported the NBPD claims crime rates are trending down in recent years.

Newport Beach DUI arrests & injuries

While Newport Beach has been growing, data from the Newport Beach Police Department show DUI arrests trending down from 2009 to 2018 (1).

The decline is likely due to the increased usage of Lyft/Uber ride hailing services and aggressive law enforcement focus on DUI prevention. DUI arrests have declined 20% from 540 per year in 2009 to 429 in 2018.

California Highway Patrol Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System data shows DUI involved collision injuries in Newport Beach have decreased 14% from 48 in 2009 to 41 in 2018. (2)

Newport Beach DUI arrests, collisions and injuries per year
2009 540 115 48
2010 595 117 55
2011 642 117 57
2012 431 103 44
2013 432 99 50
2014 477 114 66
2015 441 113 53
2016 372 129 78
2017 434 130 63
2018 429 118 41

Newport Beach DUI arrests vs other other OC cities

Newport Beach is the 17th largest city in Orange County with 85,780 residents spread over 24 square miles. Data published by the California Office of Traffic Safety ranks Newport Beach as the 7th highest for number of DUI arrests: (3)

The 10 Orange County cities with the most DUI arrests per year
1 Huntington Beach 858
2 Orange 747
3 Santa Ana 650
4 Fullerton 614
5 Irvine 501
6 Anahiem 480
7 Newport Beach 447
8 Costa Mesa 356
9 Garden Grove 354
10 Mission Viejo 118

Total crimes per year in Newport Beach from 2009 to 2018

Newport Beach Police Department crime statistics show that overall crimes in Newport Beach have declined 11% from 6,507 in 2009 to 5,794 in 2018. (4)

Within this general trend of declining crime rates, three crime categories are increasing:

  • Theft crimes have decreased 2% from 1,724 in 2009 to 1,689 in 2018
  • Drug crimes have increased 126% from 362 in 2009 to 818 in 2018
  • Fraud crimes have increased 68% from 223 in 2009 to 375 in 2018

Total crimes per year in Newport Beach, CA:

  • Total crimes in 2009: 6,507
  • Total crimes in 2010: 6,349
  • Total crimes in 2011: 6,319
  • Total crimes in 2012: 6,335
  • Total crimes in 2013: 5,732
  • Total crimes in 2014: 5,337
  • Total crimes in 2015: 5,957
  • Total crimes in 2016: 6,229
  • Total crimes in 2017: 5,797
  • Total crimes in 2018: 5,794

Newport Beach crimes by type

The Newport Beach Police Department reported the following crimes per year for the largest crime categories from 2009 to 2018: (5)

Newport Beach, CA crimes per year by type of crime
2009 223 362 527 1,724
2010 595 380 794 1,755
2011 197 314 541 1,766
2012 235 388 495 1,714
2013 221 452 459 1,701
2014 294 552 435 1,532
2015 416 723 469 1,803
2016 477 827 506 1,853
2017 454 762 472 1,775
2018 375 818 528 1,724

“Attorney Nicole Enyart recently handled a complex case for me. She and her office did an excellent job. We were hoping for a plea reduction to dry reckless on a Santa Barbara DUI charge. Ms Enyart got the charges dismissed entirely with no fines. I can highly recommend her and her firm to anyone looking for an excellent criminal defense attorney.”



Orange County courts

Our Newport Beach criminal defense lawyer represents clients in all Orange County courts including:

Harbor Justice Center
4601 Jamboree Road, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Central Justice Center
700 Civic Center Drive West, Santa Ana, CA 92701

Lamoreaux Justice Center
341 The City Drive South, Orange, CA 92868-3205

North Justice Center
1275 North Berkeley Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92832

West Justice Center
8141 13th Street, Westminster, CA 92683

Orange County Superior Court criminal court forms can be found here.

Newport Beach area jails

Is your loved one incarcerated in jail? Our lawyers can help get them released quickly. Usually you can post bail right after booking (see bail schedule). Or you can wait for the 1st court appearance, which usually occurs within 2 court days after arrest.

If the inmate is still in custody until the initial court date, your attorney can request a lower bail or for the judge to grant an “own recognizance” release. Judge’s will review whether the inmate is a flight risk and whether they are a danger to the public. Our criminal defense lawyer in Newport Beach can present evidence and argue that the inmate should be eligible for a low bail or release on their own recognizance.

Newport Beach Police Department Jail
Temporary holding only
870 Santa Barbara Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 644-3681

Laguna Beach Police Department Jail
Temporary holding only
505 Forest Ave, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 497-0701

Costa Mesa Police Department Jail
Temporary holding only
99 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 754-5252

James Musick Jail
13502 Musick Honor Farm Rd, Irvine, CA 92618

Orange County Central Jail
550 N. Flower St, Santa Ana, CA 92703
(714) 647-4666

Theo Lacy Jail
501 The City Drive South, Orange, CA 92868
(714) 647-4666

Orange County Juvenile Hall
331 City Drive,City of Orange, CA 92868
(714) 935-6660



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