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Clients and professional legal organizations consistently rank Chudnovsky Law attorneys amongst the best in Los Angeles, Orange County and California. Our experienced lawyers have a reputation as compassionate, highly skilled advocates for clients experiencing some of life’s most serious and challenging situations.

When you have everything at stake, you can count on the firm’s experience, training, and inside knowledge of the legal system to secure the best possible outcome for you. Chudnovsky Law awards and client ratings include:

Avvo 10.0 Superb Rating
The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers award
US News & World Best Lawyer Rating
California Assault & Battery Attorney Awards: Findlaw 5 Star Rating, Google 5 Star Rating
Justia 10.0 Lawyer Rating

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Criminal Defense Client Reviews

“During a very difficult time, Chudnovsky Law really made the difference in our lives. A family member was being investigated for a serious felony allegation. Tsion Chudnovsky and her team were very professional and knowledgable about the Los Angeles legal system and clearly explained what we needed to do. They are excellent criminal defense attorneys! They acted fast and were instrumental in clearing up the issue for us and preventing potentially disastrous consequences. I can highly recommend Ms. Chudnovsky for anyone needing a very smart, trustworthy defense lawyer.”

“I found Robert Weinberg online and could tell right away after we met that he is an expert defense attorney. The way he analyzed my case and explained the defense strategy he would use blew me away. I was ready to just give up and was surprised with all the defense options available to me. Take it from me, the right defense attorney can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. Hire Robert if you need a top notch defense attorney that will fight smart for you.”

“Attorney Suzanne Crouts represented me for a false felony assault allegation. This case could have really caused havoc in my life and Suzanne was able to get the case rejected by the DA. She is a very experienced criminal lawyer and well known in the Long Beach courthouse. She effectively interacted with the prosecutor assigned to my case.

I always felt like she genuinely cared about me and was working hard to help keep this from ruining my life. This firm and it’s staff are very professional and pleasant to work with. You feel well represented. I never could have imagined I’d need a criminal defense attorney, but I’m very happy I found this firm. I could not have asked for a better outcome.”

“Thank you attorney Nicole Enyart for taking my felony case at the last minute. She was always there for me 100% through some tough times. Communication was timely and professional. Knowledge and skill top notch. The DAs and judges at Clara Shortridge love her. And she’s an amazing human being you can feel comfortable entrusting your life with.”

Mr. Stein really helped me through a rough patch. I never would have imagined I’d need a criminal defense attorney. I’m grateful I chose David and am satisfied with the end result he got for me. He brings extraordinary dedication and professionalism to your relationship. Truly an incredible attorney.”

Google Review

“I have no complaints and only good things to say about my attorney Nicole. She took good care of my case as promised and I could tell she really cared about what happened to me.”

“I hired Suzanne and her team for a misdemeanor charge in Airport Court and she was able to get the case dismissed. she always responded quickly providing updates and answering questions. She’s a very personable and professional criminal lawyer that is easy to work with. Definitely the right combination of skills that you can trust to get good results.”

Google Review

“Professional and knowledgable attorneys that really know how to take care of Los Angeles felony cases. Tsion Chudnovsky and Sherry really went above and beyond for me and got me out of a tight spot.”

Google Review

“Brilliant and effective criminal lawyer. I referred my friend. Suzanne Crouts is an excellent trial lawyer that was able to resolve a complex legal problem with relative ease. Both Suzanne and her team really came through for the client.”

Google Review

“I was accused of a serious felony and was very worried that my professional license could be in jeopardy. My sister connected me with Chudnovsky Law. Bottom line is Tsion and her team saved me. They acted fast to develop their strategy and went to work. She is very connected and worked their network in the system to resolve my case. She got the charges dismissed and gave me my life back! Her fee wasn’t the lowest, but worth every penny. Highly recommended!”

Yelp Review

“My attorneys Tsion Chudnovsky and Nicole Enyart really helped me resolve a challenging Metropolitan court criminal charge case. They were very good with returning my calls and getting the DA to look at the case in my favor. Thank you for making this go away!”

“Excellent immigration and criminal attorneys! I was charged with a crime which caused my visa to get revoked. Tsion got the charges dismissed and helped me get the visa reissued. Her attorneys are very connected in the court system.  She charged me a flat fee for the whole thing. It wasn’t cheap, but worth the $$. They really know what they are doing.”

Google Review

“I was very nervous about my case and required a lot of support. Ms Suzanne Crouts gave me her cell number and was always easy to reach when I needed to speak with her. She stayed on top of my case in Long Beach court. She is an expert criminal defense lawyer that will stand up for you to make sure you are protected to fullest extent possible, no doubt about it.

Fast forward, she was able to get my case totally dismissed. I whole heartedly recommend Suzanne Crouts without reservation. I can’t thank her enough for what she accomplished for me.”

“After doing some research, I hired attorney Tsion Chudnovsky to handle a family member’s felony domestic violence charge in Orange County court. Tsion was a god send for us trying to resolve a very tough family situation that got out of hand. She’s a rare attorney that knows how to calm you down, honestly clarify what you’re facing and make you feel like family. After some hard work she was able to convince the DA to drop the case altogether. Thank you Tsion and Chudnovsky Law for resolving this for us. We are grateful we found you!”

Google Review

“A special thank you to Tsion Chudnovsky. My case was serious and I only had a few days to hire a criminal defense attorney for a Newport Beach felony case. I called Tsion on Sunday and she met me that day! She was very competent and compassionate and reassured me at a tough time. She clearly explained everything and after a couple months of hard work was able to resolve the case amazingly for me. I highly recommend Chudnovsky Law if you need an top criminal defense lawyer.”

“Chudnovsky Law is top notch and they helped me through one of the most difficult periods of my life. I was falsely accused of a felony domestic violence charge during the end of a toxic relationship and had my life turned completely upside down. Besides being one of the best domestic violence attorneys in Los Angeles, Tsion Chudnovsky also really understands human psychology. She knew how to help me deal with the situation emotionally and talked me off the ledge.

She walked me through her strategy. After some meticulous work, she was able to get the bogus charges totally dismissed. While I can’t get back that lost time, I can be thankful I found someone to protect me and get me safely through the storm. Thank you Tsion! I will recommend you to anyone in need.”

Google Review

“I spoke to several attorneys when my daughter was arrested and charged with a felony for trying to buy a controlled substance. After talking to Tsion Chudnovsky, we hired her right away. Tsion exudes compassion and puts you at ease. She was great at relating to both my daughter and I during this stressful situation and explaining how the system works and how things would play out. She is also very knowledgeable and well connected in the OC court system.

Three weeks later we got a call to say she was able to get the case rejected by the DA! What a load off our shoulders as I REALLY didn’t want my daughter having a criminal record hanging over her head…Bottom line is I totally recommend Tsion and her team to anyone needing a top notch criminal defense attorney with a heart.”

Yelp Review

“This is a professional criminal defense law firm that knows what they’re doing and treat you with respect. These guys gave me the best information, then took care of everything for me.”

Google Review

“I’d like to thank my wonderful attorney Ms. Nicole Enyart for helping me and my family. She is a kind and compassionate person who speaks straight from her heart. We had an unfortunate family issue that got blown out of proportion and I got charged w felony domestic violence.

Nicole really calmed us down by explaining how she would work to try and convince the prosecutor to reject the case. This meant a lot because a criminal charge could ruin my job. And sure enough, after a lot of work Nicole got the case dismissed! I recommend her with all my heart. She will be there for you and do her very best to help you when you need it the most. Thank you Nicole! You really helped me and my family close the chapter on this incident.”

“I recently got myself into trouble and needed a lawyer ASAP. I reached out to Tsion Chudnovsky and she responded quickly on a weekend. I was very anxious because a criminal charge would wreak havoc with my job. Tsion carefully listened to me and walked me through all the key things to focus on. During one of the darkest times of my life, she came through and pulled me back from the ledge. She is wicked smart and really made a difference in my case and my life.”

Findlaw Review

I got charged with a felony and was very worried about my visa and my job. The arrest caused my visa to be terminated. My prior immigration attorney recommended Chudnovsky Law to me. Tsion and her team reviewed the case and all the evidence for issues. She worked with her connections in the DA office to get the charges dismissed. She also got my visa reissued. Her fixed fee wasn’t the lowest, but she got me my life back. I can recommend without reservation!”

Google Review

“Attorney Tsion Chudnovsky took great care of me and my family. I needed her help with a criminal charge and she was very responsive on a holiday weekend. After reviewing everything, she laid out a clear plan of action and executed it flawlessly. We got the results I hoped for. Unlike other attorneys I have spoken with, Tsion is very responsive and thoroughly answered my questions in a clear way I could understand. And she was great at calming me down at a very scary time.

She did everything she said she would do and in the end delivered awesome news. I am grateful she was my lawyer. She knows all the right people and really knows how to protect you. In the end she got the prosecutor to reject my case and not file the charges! Go see her if you need a true pro.”

Findlaw Review

“Excellent experience from start to finish. My partner was arrested for a felony criminal charge and I found Mr Weinberg after searching online for a well reviewed attorney. He responded quickly on a Saturday and helped immediately arrange bail at a discounted bond fee. You can tell Robert really cares and he knew the DA in our case…which turned out to be a big bonus. You feel protected and respected with him representing you. He has a lot of gravitas with prosecutors and judges. We always felt like he was very skilled at handling our case and gave very sage advice on what to do every step of the way. Long story short, he got the charge dismissed. Thank you!”

Martindale-Hubbell Review

“I was referred to Ms Chudnovsky by another attorney and can happily say Chudnovsky Law deserved their high recommendation. I was being charged with a felony crime in Los Angeles and am very pleased with how the firm handled my case. They were able to get the case rejected about 4 weeks later. I can’t tell you how relieved I was when I got the news! I got my life back. Ms Chudnovsky and her team were always there for me. In fact I first called on a Sunday and she returned my call a few minutes later. She is an authentic person who really cares about her clients and is an excellent criminal defense lawyer. I’ve never experienced someone so empathetic and caring that also knows the system and how to fight for you so well.”

Google Review

“My lawyer was one of the best, if not the best professional person I have ever met. She was very personable, knowledgable, prompt and reassuring. I was charged with two horrible crimes that would have destroyed my life and she got both charges dismissed. There are no words to describe how grateful I am. If you find yourself in trouble, I can wholeheartedly recommend call Chudnovsky Law!”

Google Review

“I highly recommend Tsion Chudnovsky and her team if you need a criminal defense attorney. One of my tenants was breaking our apartment rules and when I confronted her about it she called the police and made false assault accusations about me. So instead of proceeding with an eviction process, I’m facing down a criminal investigation. Not something I was prepared for or knew how to properly protect myself from.

A friend referred me to Chudnovsky Law and, long story short, Tsion’s team blew holes in the allegations. They used a private investigator to research this tenant and the facts and meticulously crafted a defense. Using this info and their connections in the DA’s office they got the charges dismissed. I’ve never needed a defense attorney before and hope I never do again! I can recommend Chudnovsky Law to anyone in need of a caring and smart criminal defense!”

“I had never dealt with a criminal lawyer before. A friend referred me to Chudnovsky Law for a Los Angeles misdemeanor case I needed to take care of. Attorneys Sherry Cross and Tsion Chudnovsky did an excellent job representing me. They really listened and there was never a doubt they really cared about helping me. They treated me with humanity and were very smart in how they eventually resolved the case. I couldn’t ask for better criminal defense lawyers.”

Google Review

“Attorney Sherry Cross and her team really helped me during a difficult time. I appreciated that she was very direct and did not oversell herself or pressure me into working with her. She feels genuine and very knowledgable. She gave sound advice at every point in my case and knew how to resolve any challenges we faced. It was clear she had handled hundreds of similar cases before.

Usually she was responsive, but sometimes a little hard to get a hold of. I understand it’s because she is in court a lot. But my case always moved along and in the end she got my felony domestic violence charge dismissed. Sherry always made it clear she had my best interests in mind. She underpromised and over delivered. If you need a top Los Angeles lawyer, don’t hesitate about hiring Sherry Cross.”

Martindale-Hubbell Review

“Compassionate, committed attorney. Compassionate, ethical, dedicated, hardworking, and intelligent, Tsion brings honor to a profession struggling with an identity and image crisis. I have known her professionally for almost two decades. She always places others ahead of her and is incredibly committed to achieving the best possible outcome for her clients. I recommend her without reservation and feel privileged to know her.”


“I turned over to this firm a very complex case which involved two states and had been unresolvable for over twenty years. Fred and the superlative attorneys at Chudnovsky Law communicated with me clearly and in fully comprehensible terms to inform me thoroughly of the situation and then in a very short period of time and for an extremely reasonable fee resolved it completely and finally. This firm has earned my most fervent and enthusiastic recommendation!”

“These are outstanding criminal and immigration lawyers! I was charged with a serious felony and was very worried my professional license and immigration visa could be in jeopardy. A friend recommended Ms. Chudnovsky to me. Tsion and her team really came through for me. They acted fast to develop a defense strategy and executed it. She is very connected with the DAs and court systems and worked their network to resolve my case. She got the charges dismissed and gave me my life back! Her fixed fee wasn’t the lowest, but worth every cent. Highly recommended!”

Google Review

“Sometimes life gives you a gift right when you need it most. Nicole Enyart really helped me get out of a real predicament I ended up in. All I can say is if you need an expert criminal attorney that will take the time to get to know you and properly fight your case, give Nicole a call. She took care of an Airport court case for me and I cannot thank her enough!”

Suzanne Crouts is the lawyer you want representing you if you get yourself into trouble. We hired her to represent my partner for a bogus criminal allegation that never should have been filed. But unfortunately it was and we had to deal with it. She knew both the Long Beach judge and DA assigned to our case and knew exactly what to do. She exceeded our expectations and was very effective at dispatching with this case.”

DUI Defense Client Reviews

“Thank you Tsion for taking such good care of my daughter’s misdemeanor DUI case. Your kindness and professionalism throughout everything is really appreciated. And thank you for making sure we never had to go to court during covid. Anyone looking for the best Los Angeles DUI attorney should give Chudnovsky Law a call. You won’t regret it!!”

Google Review

“What can I say? David Stein and his team are very competent and honest criminal defense attorneys. David helped me with a serious felony DUI case in Orange County court. Initially I worried my life was going to be destroyed.

After several months of working on my case, he was able to get it lowered to a misdemeanor charge with no jail time. David was there for me at my lowest and you can tell he really cares about you. He never judged me and always made me feel like he had my back. He’s also very good at explaining his strategy and the law so I understood what was happening. Thank you David. I really appreciate what you accomplished for me and my family!”

“I was arrested for a DUI in LA and a friend told me to call Ms Chudnovsky. She gave me a free consult and took the time to carefully review what happened and explain the different ways they could fight the case. She is really good at listening and putting you at ease. As a professional with a license that could be suspended I was pretty freaked out.

Even though I blew .16 at the DUI checkpoint, she was able to get the charge reduced to dry reckless. I kept my license and she is going to get the charge expunged off my record in a year. Very smart, hard working attorney you’d be fortunate to have represent you.”

“Without going into the details, I have to say if you need help with a DUI or any other criminal case, call attorney Nicole Enyart. After hearing your details, she’ll give the possible outcomes and what defense strategies she’s likely to use. You’ll immediately feel peace of mind and she’ll focus you on what you need to do to get through this in the best way possible. She took care of everything for my DUI case at the DMV and Airport courthouse. I always knew what was going on, what the next steps were, and how to get this thing behind me. I can’t thank her enough!”

Felony DUI was reduced to dry reckless. I got in an accident and was arrested for a DUI. Unfortunately there was substantial injury involved and I got charged with Felony DUI. I was really freaked out by the whole thing and what the consequences could be.

Tsion and her team really went above and beyond to calm me down and educate me on my options and how they would attack the charges. After some careful research, they identified some issues with the evidence and were able to able reduce the charge to a dry reckless and I kept my license. I can wholeheartedly recommend Chudnovsky Law. They are top notch!”

Mr David Stein is an excellent criminal defense attorney. He handled a Newport Beach DUI case for my son. David is not only an expert DUI lawyer, he’s also a great human being that takes the time to understand your situation and figure out how best he can help you. He and his staff are very professional and I have no complaints. I can totally recommend Chudnovsky Law and David!”

“I love Ms. Chudnovsky and her staff. I chose them due to their great reviews and the reviews were right on. She was very pleasant to work with and a real pro taking care of my Orange County DUI case. I never had to go to court during Covid-19, thank you!”

Google Review

“Lawyer Tsion recently handled a complex case for my family member. She and paralegals are beyond reproach. We were hoping for a plea reduction to dry reckless on a Los Angeles DUI charge. Ms Chudnovsky got the Airport Court case entirely dismissed with no probation or monetary fines. We would recommend her and her associates to those looking for capable defense attorneys.”

“Excellent DUI Attorneys! They saved my license and got my DUI dismissed due to a police mistake! They saved me a lot of fines and my visa. Fair price and they were very professional and great to work with. No drama just results and they explained everything to me really good.”

“Thank you, attorney David Stein, for always replying so quickly and working to calm me down when panic attacks would hit me. He resolved my DUI case, and he always kept me updated. He is a great listener, always optimistic and reassuring. Even during covid, I felt like I got a personal experience, and he achieved a perfect outcome with judge Cole.

David is one of the best DUI attorneys in the Long Beach area. I am ready to start the next chapter of my life and couldn’t have done it without his help.”

“I was very pleased with how this firm handled my DUI with injury case. Ms. Chudnovsky is very responsive and able to clearly explain everything you need to know. She helped me get through this unfortunate mess I got myself into. She is enjoyable to work with and her skill navigating my case through the system made it clear she’s one of the best DUI lawyers in Long Beach. I felt protected every step of the way and she got a better result than I thought was possible.”

Google Review

“Ms. Tsion Chudnovsky is a French speaking DUI lawyer and immigration lawyer which really helped me in understanding the US laws and what to do when they revoked my visa for a DUI arrest. She did a great job on my case and got the DUI dismissed and my H1B visa reissued. I can recommend Chudnovsky Law for any H1B DUI or immigration visa issues.”

Google Review

“I was visiting LA from out of town and got a DUI after my friend’s wedding. Tsion took care of my case quickly and painlessly. And she was able to do all the appearances for me. There was great communication and rapid responses every time I contacted. She was able to get the charge reduced to dry reckless which made a huge difference for my job and insurance. I am very happy with the result and grateful to Chudnovsky Law!”

“My brother was charged with a DUI and we needed a Spanish speaking DUI lawyer that also really knows immigration law. My friend recommended I call Chudnovsky Law and he was so right. Ms Tsion Chudnovsky is an exceptional attorney that explained everything in Español to my brother and she helped him with the DUI immigration consequences.

Ms. Chudnovsky has a big heart and really knows both DUI and immigration law issues better than anybody. She saved my brother’s license and lots of fines. She also helped us avoid so much immigration headaches and made sure he didn’t have to serve any jail time. Our whole family is very grateful we found her.”

“I was referred to Ms Chudnovsky through a friend and am very happy I found her. I got charged with a 2nd DUI and was facing big fines and jail time. Tsion got the sentence reduced to 4 days from the 90 days offered by the district attorney. She also got the parole violation dismissed which was a big deal for me.

She’s a busy lawyer and is working on many cases everyday, but she always finds time to respond by email or phone and is very pleasant to work with, especially when scary stuff is looming over your head. I have referred her to a work colleague with a visa DUI problem. I can recommend Chudnovsky Law without reservation to anyone needing an exceptional criminal or immigration lawyer.”

Yelp Review

“Very smart lawyers and very good service. I needed a Spanish speaking DUI lawyer and immigration lawyer to help me with my DUI. Ms Tsion Chudnovsky explained DUI en Espanol including the DUI immigration problems and how they fight the charges. They did all the court appearances for me and made sure I did not have to spend any time in jail. It was not cheap but they saved my license and saved me a lot of money in fines. They also made sure there were no immigration problem. Tsion Chudnovsky es el mejor abogado DUI. Muchas gracias.”

Google Review

“Chudnovsky Law helped me with a DUI H1B visa matter. I was alarmed to receive a notice that my H-1B visa was revoked when I got charged with a DUI after a party. It happened so fast and USCIS did not even give me a chance to defend myself before revoking it. I had to search a lot to find a law firm that has DUI and immigration lawyers in the same firm to properly take care of this.

Once I spoke with Tsion Chudnovsky I knew I found the right place. She explained everything we needed to do…how she would fight the DUI charge and get my visa reissued. Their former DMV officer did my DMV hearing and made sure I kept my license and got some good information that was important for my defense. Tsion’s team is very connected in the DA’s office and knows how to get things done. The bottom line is they took care of me and got my H1B visa reissued no problem. If you are here on a visa and need legal help, this is the right law firm.”

Yelp Review

“If you need a DUI attorney, Tsion is the real deal. She knows the court system and how to fight DUIs. Her flat fee was fair & she didn’t add on hidden fees later. She was a straight shooter and saved me a lot of $$ in fines. I recommend without reservation.”

Google Review

“I got charged with a DUI and then notified that my H1B visa was revoked due to the DUI arrest. I didn’t even know that could happen! I did a lot of research and Chudnovsky Law was the only law firm I found that had immigration and DUI lawyers in the same firm that know how to properly handle this. Tsion explained exactly what we needed to do. She has a former DMV officer that handled the DMV license hearing and made sure I didn’t lose my license. He also used the hearing to gather evidence from the police for use in my defense.

Turns out the police made some errors and she was able to use that to get the District Attorney to lower the charge to dry reckless with no jail time. That saved me a lot in fines! And then she got my H-1B visa reinstated. I highly recommend Chudnovsky Law for anyone charged with a DUI or crime while here on a visa! Tsion is very nice to work with. And her team is really connected in the courts and knows how to solve all the problems.”

Google Review

“Excellent DUI and immigration lawyers. I was arrested for a DUI in LA and a friend referred me to Ms. Chudnovsky. She gave me a free consult and took the time to carefully review what happened and explain the different ways they could fight the DUI and how they’d deal with my visa getting revoked.

She is very good at listening and explaining things. My situation is complex because I’m here on a visa and have a professional license that could be suspended. Even though I blew .15 at the DUI checkpoint, she was able to get the charge reduced to driving reckless. I kept my license and she fixed the DUI visa problem. Her flat fee wasn’t the lowest, but worth every penny. Very smart, hard working attorney that gave me my life back.”

Yelp Review

“First off, I want to say dealing with attorneys is not a predicament anyone wants to be in. Luckily for us, attorney Tsion Chudnovsky did a great job on resolving my relative’s case. She was visiting from out of town and got a DUI in Orange County. It could have caused some major problems with her nursing license.

Ms. Chudnovsky was able to do the court appearances and get the case dismissed without her having to come back to California. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I can definitely recommend Chudnovsky Law and Tsion to anyone in need of a smart attorney that is nice to work with.”

Professional License Defense Client Reviews

“I had an excellent experience with attorney Robert Weinberg and his staff on a professional license matter. He was always professional and strategizing 3 steps ahead. He meticulously prepared me for a high stakes interview and was able to get my complex medical license case closed with no discipline.

I whole heartedly recommend Robert and Chudnovsky Law for any nursing or medical license matter.”

“I don’t usually write reviews, but I want to share my experience with any other nurses in need out there. Finding a nurse license attorney can be intimidating and nerve-wracking, especially when you have to do it quickly due to receiving an accusation.

I interviewed several lawyers, but immediately felt a connection when speaking with Suzanne Crouts. She is intelligent, warm, and immediately helps relieve your tension by providing clear information and an understanding what she will do to protect you at every step. She is an expert at the processes of the California Nursing Board and knows how to guide you through the minefield of issues that come up. She gave me her cell number and was responsive, even on weekends when if I needed it. She gave me clear direction on steps I could take to improve the odds of success in my case ahead of time. Everything she told me turned out to be true. If you need a trustworthy, expert nursing license defense attorney, I highly recommend Suzanne Crouts.”

“We were referred to attorney Robert Weinberg by a friend and found him to be an excellent professional license defense attorney. Unfortunately, our daughter made a big mistake and got charged with a criminal charge that could have resulted in her losing her nursing license. We are grateful to Robert for resolving both the criminal case and the resulting nursing board investigation. He saved her RN nurse license and made sure one mistake didn’t ruin her life. Definitely a top attorney in Los Angeles you can count on to defend you.”

“Suzanne Crouts provided excellent representation in a very stressful professional license defense matter. Our case involved a disgruntled former partner filing a false allegation that triggered a high stakes Medical Board investigation. Suzanne gave us her cell phone number and was always responsive and highly effective in defending our Medical license. She was able to get the matter closed with no action taken. We highly recommend her and Chudnovsky Law for anyone needing a skilled, dedicated medical license defense attorney.”

“You really get a good understanding of a person’s character when you work with them for many months. Suzanne Crouts has been right by my side since the board of registered nursing contacted me about a DUI. She guided me and fought to obtain the minimum penalties possible.

Without Suzanne I could have lost my nursing license and ability to work in the career I love. And her fees were fair and reasonable. Thank you Suzanne for taking such care in resolving this for me.”

“I can highly recommend attorney Robert Weinberg to anyone needing an expert healthcare license defense attorney. He did an outstanding job resolving a dental license matter for our family. Robert and his team really made a difference in a very stressful situation. He got the matter closed with no action taken. We cannot thank him enough!”

Google Review

“I have been an RN for 16 years with a perfect record at my hospital. I found myself needing a nursing lawyer for the first time in my life after getting a DUI in Los Angeles. This was the most humbling and distressing experience I’ve ever experienced.

Attorneys Suzanne Crouts and Nicole Enyart represented me with both the DUI case and BRN investigation that followed. They were very knowledgable, attentive and kind. I was given their cell phone numbers and they were always very responsive and supportive.

In a nutshell, I learned a lot of patience is needed when going through this process. I allowed them to take care of everything for me. It was clear they are experts in DUI defense and nursing regulations. Suzanne and Nicole did exactly what they promised and I could not have asked for better representation. They were worth every penny I spent to have such a down to earth and competent legal team fighting for my career and reputation.”

Brookes Review

“Attorney Robert Weinberg and Fred were excellent. I knew after speaking with them that this was the team I needed to help me. They knew exactly what to do and gave clear, straightforward answers to my questions. They were the most knowledgeable team I could find after speaking with several professional license defense attorneys. Robert gave me very detailed instructions on what to do and helped create an effective response package for the Board of Registered Nursing investigator. He achieved the exact outcome I wanted. My case was closed with no action and my nursing license record remains spotless. I highly recommend Chudnovsky Law and this team.”

“Honest, smart and reliable. Attorney Robert Weinberg guided me through defending against a false accusation that could have caused problems for my medical license. Once I explained what was happening, he knew exactly what to do. His expertise and real commitment to fighting fully cleared my name and got this irritating matter closed.”

Google Review

“This firm recently helped us with a defense matter. My sister had a pharmacist license issue. Robert and Tsion got the investigation closed and dismissed with the pharmacy board. Their followup was always timely and they did a great job of answering questions and explaining everything. I can recommend Chudnovsky Law if you need help with any professional license issue.”

Google Review

“Chudnovsky Law did a great job on a family member’s professional license defense case. Attorney Robert Weinberg and his team were always professional, responsive and made us feel like family during a stressful time. He explained his strategy very clearly and in the end he secured better results than we thought possible. I would recommend Mr. Weinberg to anyone in need of an expert nursing license defense attorney that really cares about you.”

“This is my opinion of Mr. Weinberg based on my experience hiring him. He is very straightforward and let me know the possibilities and various ways things could play out. It was clear the investigators and prosecutors respect him. He’s very experienced in law as well as license defense strategies. I genuinely felt he cared about me and my family and had our best interests at heart. He did a great job keeping me in the loop with status updates every step of the way in my professional license defense case. I can highly recommend him as your defense attorney.”

“I can give Chudnovsky Law and attorney Robert Weinberg a strong recommendation. He resolved a dangerous investigation against our assisted living facility that could have resulted in federal criminal charges and losing our medical license. The case was closed with no action. Robert was a consummate professional and very effective at clearing our name. If you need an expert professional license defense attorney that is enjoyable to work with, give him a call.”

Findlaw Review

“Chudnovsky Law is a very professional and effective law firm. Robert Weinberg handled my complex case involving federal criminal law and medical licensing laws. He was always honest, up front and direct with expert advice and solutions. I have no complaints on a high stakes, difficult case.”

Martindale-Hubbell Review

“Excellent professional license defense attorney. I was involved in a very unfortunate incident that put my nursing license at risk. I was referred to Chudnovsky Law by a physician colleague.

All I can say is that Robert Weinberg and Tsion Chudnovsky are experts in handling licensing boards and Los Angeles criminal defense matters. I recommend them for any nurse or medical license related matter. They are true professionals that know exactly how to navigate the system and protect you.”

Avvo Review

“I have known Robert Weinberg and been familiar with his work as a professional license defense lawyer for years. My relative is a nurse and I recently got to see him take care of her Los Angeles DUI case.

He saved her nursing license and delivered excellent results. He was a pleasure to work with and we can’t recommend him enough.”

“I am very pleased with attorney Robert Weinberg’s representation in my nursing license defense matter. He saved my nurse license during a complicated situation I worried was hopeless. He was always professional, responsive and a highly effective attorney that really knows how to protect you.”

“I was arrested for a DUI in LA and a friend told me to call Ms Chudnovsky. She gave me a free consult and took the time to carefully review what happened and explain the different ways they could fight the case. She is really good at listening and putting you at ease.

As a professional with a license that could be suspended I was pretty freaked out. Even though I blew .16 at the DUI checkpoint, she was able to get the charge reduced to dry reckless. I kept my license and she is going to get the charge expunged off my record in a year. Very smart, hard working attorney you’d be fortunate to have represent you.”

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“It is unlikely you’ll find a more effective professional license defense attorney in California than Robert Weinberg. He did an exceptional job resolving a nurse license matter for my husband. He really got him out of a very tight spot. Robert is very knowledgable about the Board of Registered Nursing and how to resolve DCA investigations. We will happily refer him to anyone in need of a good licensing lawyer.”

“I endorse Tsion. I have had the privilege of seeing her in action. She strongly protects her clients, while at the same time manages to remain caring and compassionate.”

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“I am happy to report the positive experience I had with Tsion Chudnovsky, Robert Weinberg and their staff. Chudnovsky Law took good care of me and I didn’t have to even go to court. They did a great job with my case and got everything dismissed. A major weight off my shoulders.”

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