I spoke to several attorneys when my daughter was arrested and charged with a felony
for trying to buy a controlled substance. After talking to Tsion Chudnovsky, we hired her right away. Tsion exudes compassion and puts you at ease. She was great at relating to both my daughter and I during this stressful situation and explaining how the system works and how things would play out. She is also very knowledgeable and well connected in the OC court system. 

Three weeks later we got a call to say she was able to get the case rejected by the DA! What a load off our shoulders as I REALLY didn't want my daughter having a criminal record hanging over her head...Bottom line is I totally recommend Tsion and her team to anyone needing a top notch criminal defense attorney with a heart.
Nick, Yelp User


I Got Charged With A Felony
and was very worried about my visa and my job. The arrest caused my visa to be terminated.

My prior immigration attorney recommended Chudnovsky Law to me. Tsion and her team reviewed the case and all the evidence for issues. She worked with her connections in the DA office to get the charges dismissed. She also got my visa reissued. Her fixed fee wasn't the lowest, but she got me my life back. I can recommend without reservation!
Victor, Google User


My brother was charged with a DUI and we needed a Spanish speaking DUI lawyer
that also really knows immigration law. My friend recommended I call Chudnovsky Law and he was so right. Ms Tsion Chudnovsky is an exceptional attorney that explained everything in Español to my brother and she helped him with the DUI immigration consequences.

Ms. Chudnovsky has a big heart and really knows both DUI and immigration law issues better than anybody. She saved my brother's license and lots of fines. She also helped us avoid so much immigration headaches and made sure he didn't have to serve any jail time. Our whole family is very grateful we found her.
Adrian, Google User


Excellent Immigration and Criminal Attorneys!
I was charged with a crime which caused my visa to get revoked.  Tsion got the charges dismissed and helped me get the visa reissued. Her attorneys are very connected in the court system.  She charged me a flat fee for the whole thing. It wasn’t cheap, but worth the $$. They really know what they are doing.
Rodrigo, Google User


Ms. Tsion Chudnovsky is a French speaking DUI lawyer and immigration lawyer which really helped me
in understanding the US laws and what to do when they revoked my visa for a DUI arrest. She did a great job on my case and got the DUI dismissed and my H1B visa reissued. I can recommend Chudnovsky Law for any H1B DUI or immigration visa issues.
Steve, Google User


Great Immigration Lawyer.
Tsion helped us with an immigration issue and was very professional, quick and efficient! We highly recommend her!
Luciano, AVVO User


I was referred to Ms Chudnovsky through a friend and am very happy I found her.
I got charged with a 2nd DUI and was facing big fines and jail time. Tsion got the sentence reduced to 4 days from the 90 days offered by the district attorney. She also got the parole violation dismissed which was a big deal for me.

She's a busy lawyer and is working on many cases everyday, but she always finds time to respond by email or phone and is very pleasant to work with, especially when scary stuff is looming over your head. I have referred her to a work colleague with a visa DUI problem. I can recommend Chudnovsky Law without reservation to anyone needing an exceptional criminal or immigration lawyer.
Veronica, Yelp User


Very smart lawyers and very good service.
I needed a Spanish speaking DUI lawyer and immigration lawyer to help me with my DUI.

Ms Tsion Chudnovsky explained DUI en Espanol including the DUI immigration problems and how they fight the charges. They did all the court appearances for me and made sure I did not have to spend any time in jail. It was not cheap but they saved my license and saved me a lot of money in fines. They also made sure there were no immigration problem. Tsion Chudnovsky es el mejor abogado DUI. Muchas gracias.
Ricardo, Google User


I highly recommend Tsion Chudnovsky and her team if you need a criminal defense attorney.

One of my tenants was breaking our apartment rules and when I confronted her about it she called the police and made false assault accusations about me. So instead of proceeding with an eviction process, I'm facing down a criminal investigation. Not something I was prepared for or knew how to properly protect myself from.

A friend referred me to Chudnovsky Law and, long story short, Tsion's team blew holes in the allegations. They used a private investigator to research this tenant and the facts and meticulously crafted a defense. Using this info and their connections in the DA's office they got the charges dismissed. I've never needed a defense attorney before and hope I never do again! I can recommend Chudnovsky Law to anyone in need of a caring and smart criminal defense!
Dusan, Google User


Chudnovsky Law helped me with a DUI H1B visa matter.
I was alarmed to receive a notice that my H-1B visa was revoked when I got charged with a DUI after a party. It happened so fast and USCIS did not even give me a chance to defend myself before revoking it. I had to search a lot to find a law firm that has DUI and immigration lawyers in the same firm to properly take care of this.

Once I spoke with Tsion Chudnovsky I knew I found the right place. She explained everything we needed to she would fight the DUI charge and get my visa reissued. Their former DMV officer did my DMV hearing and made sure I kept my license and got some good information that was important for my defense.

Tsion's team is very connected in the DA's office and knows how to get things done. The bottom line is they took care of me and got my H1B visa reissued no problem. If you are here on a visa and need legal help, this is the right law firm.
Sanjeev, Yelp User


If You Need A DUI Attorney, Tsion Is The Real Deal.
She knows the court system and how to fight duis. Her flat fee was fair & she didn’t add on hidden fees later. She was a straight shooter and saved me a lot of $$ in fines. I recommend without reservation.
Malik, Google User


I Was Arrested For A DUI in LA
and a friend told me to call Ms Chudnovsky. She gave me a free consult and took the time to carefully review what happened and explain the different ways they could fight the case. She is really good at listening and putting you at ease. As a professional with a license that could be suspended I was pretty freaked out. Even though I blew .16 at the DUI checkpoint, she was able to get the charge reduced to dry reckless. I kept my license and she is going to get the charge expunged off my record in a year. Very smart, hard working attorney you’d be fortunate to have represent you.
Bill, Google User


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DUI Defense


Professional License Defense


Felony DUI Was Reduced To Dry Reckless
I got in an accident and was arrested for a DUI. Unfortunately there was substantial injury involved and I got charged with Felony DUI. I was really freaked out by the whole thing and what the consequences could be.

Tsion and her team really went above and beyond to calm me down and educate me on my options and how they would attack the charges. After some careful research, they identified some issues with the evidence and were able to able reduce the charge to a dry reckless and I kept my license. I can wholeheartedly recommend Chudnovsky Law. They are top notch!
Maria, AVVO User


Excellent DUI Attorneys!
They saved my license and got my DUI dismissed due to a police mistake! They saved me a lot of fines and my visa. Fair price and they were very professional and great to work with. No drama just results and they explained everything to me really good.
Enzo, Google User


My Lawyer Was One Of The Best,
if not the best professional person I have ever met. She was very personable, knowledgable, prompt and reassuring. I was charged with two horrible crimes that would have destroyed my life and she got both charges dismissed. There are no words to describe how grateful I am. If you find yourself in trouble, I can wholeheartedly recommend call Chudnovsky Law!  
Mariah, Google User


Compassionate, Committed Immigration Attorney
Compassionate, ethical, dedicated, hardworking, and intelligent, Tsion brings honor to a profession struggling with an identity and image crisis.

I have known her professionally for almost two decades. She always places others ahead of her and is incredibly committed to achieving the best possible outcome for her clients. I recommend her without reservation and feel privileged to know her.
Harry, Attorney on AVVO


I Highly Recommend Ms. Chudnovsky
For any immigration-related matter. I have referred numerous clients, friends and business associates to her and, in each case, she handled their matter efficiently, professionally and cost-effectively, with a human touch, and to a successful outcome. In fact, I have received many "thank you's" for my referrals to Ms. Chudnovsky. I cannot speak highly enough of her.
Gregory Clement, Attorney on AVVO


E3-Australian Visa Success
Tsion oversaw my E3-Australian working visa application - from start to finish. She worked with my busy and confused employer to get together what was needed for their LCA application, and the documents they needed to provide for the paperwork and interview on my end.

After this was done, Tsion assisted me through the paperwork I had to complete, gave me clear instructions on exactly what documents I needed to gather, walked me through booking my interview, called me to prep me for my interview, and compiled every possible document and supporting document I could possibly have needed. All I had to do was print it out in Australia, and turn up to my interview. I was easily the most prepared person in the room!

Once this was all done and my visa was approved, Tsion still stayed at my disposal for me to ask all kinds of questions relating to my arrival, going through immigration, and what forms I would need to print and take for things like applying for a social security card once I arrived.

I would absolutely recommend Tsion, and will be going back to her for any future E-3 applications, or other US immigration/visa efforts I make.
Jen, AVVO User


I endorse Tsion.
I have had the privilege of seeing her in action. She strongly protects her clients, while at the same time manages to remain caring and compassionate.
Jason Coleman, Attorney on AVVO


Highly Recommended Immigration Attorney
Tsion assisted my current employer in transferring my H1b work visa from the previous employer. I admire the way she gathered all the relevant information and had detailed conversations with me and my boss before preparing the petition. The petition itself was meticulously prepared and followed up with USCIS by Tsion. Initially what we had imagined would be a daunting process turned out to be a smooth ride for my employer and myself, mainly due to Tsion's experience and attention to details. She is well versed in immigration matters and is highly recommended.
Rizwan, AVVO User


Fantastic Lawyer And Person
Tsion Chudnovsky has been wonderful to work with and not only is an expert at US immigration and a great strategist, but she takes great care to make me feel comfortable. She is fluent in many languages, including French and has been able to refer us to great consultants for foreign business and transactional issues that come up. I would highly recommend her and plan to refer anyone I know with immigration or multi-national business/legal needs.
Jeanne, AVVO User


I Endorse This Attorney.
Tsion is a dedicated and attentive advocate who tirelessly strives to promote the best interests of her clients.
Saul Gelbart, Attorney on AVVO


Exceptional Immigration And Business Attorney!
Ms Chudnovsky handled my needs very professionally and was able to obtain quick visa approval to start our business. She has been very helpful in so many ways: coaching us for the immigration interview, making introductions to French speaking business plan consultant, accountant and an international tax expert. We appreciated her prompt and professional service.
Francois, AVVO User


Outstanding Criminal and Immigration Lawyers!
I was charged with a serious felony and was very worried my professional license and immigration visa could be in jeopardy. A friend recommended Ms. Chudnovsky to me. Tsion and her team really came through for me. They acted fast to develop a defense strategy and executed it. She is very connected with the DAs and court systems and worked their network to resolve my case. She got the charges dismissed and gave me my life back! Her fixed fee wasn't the lowest, but worth every cent. Highly recommended!
Sarah, Google User



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