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Criminal Defense Law Blog

​Someone Accused Me of Assault or Battery. What Is My Best Defense?

Assault and battery are serious criminal offenses. If you receive a conviction of an assault and battery charge, you might face life-changing penalties, even if the alleged incident did not involve physical touching or injury. One of the first things you should do after incurring a criminal charge is to speak with a knowledgeable criminal […]

​Should I Take Theft Crime Charges Seriously?

Theft offenses of any type are extremely serious in California. From petty theft to grand theft to shoplifting, a theft conviction can leave you facing serious penalties, including monetary fines and significant jail time. In addition, if you sustain a criminal conviction, you may be looking at numerous collateral consequences that affect every aspect of […]

​If Police Say I Was in a Hit and Run Accident, Who Should I Call?

A driver who causes their vehicle to strike another vehicle—or a pedestrian—generally has two options. First, they can stop their vehicle, exchange contact information, and wait for the police to arrive on the scene. Of course, the second option is for them to leave the scene of the crash and hope that no one saw […]

​I Was Accused of Domestic Violence. Now What?

If someone recently accused you of committing an act of domestic violence, you should not remain in contact with them or try to argue with them. Doing so can only make your situation worse. Instead, you should reach out to an experienced criminal defense lawyer to represent you in your case. Domestic violence charges are […]

What if the Police Stopped Me Unlawfully, and I Got a DUI?

A police officer must have a valid reason to pull a vehicle over during a traffic stop. If the officer stops a person unlawfully and later arrests them for driving under the influence of alcohol—or DUI—the resulting criminal case may be subject to a complete dismissal. To obtain this dismissal, the DUI defense attorney must […]

What Happens After a Second DUI?

Alcohol significantly slows down brain functioning and severely limits a person’s ability to operate their motor vehicle safely and carefully. Specifically, alcohol intoxication can lead to blurred vision and many other physical symptoms. It can also significantly delay a driver’s reaction time, slowing it down and making it harder for the driver to react to […]

​What to Look for in a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Police officers arrest thousands of drivers each year for driving under the influence of alcohol—or DUI. When the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) subsequently takes discretionary action to limit an individual’s driving privileges, the driver may request a prompt hearing. During a DMV hearing, the driver can review the DMV’s evidence against them and […]

​How Big a Problem Is a Misdemeanor Charge?

How big a problem is a misdemeanour charge? In California, a person may incur criminal charges for a felony or misdemeanor. Generally speaking, a felony conviction is punishable by more than one year of incarceration and other potential penalties, like monetary fines. A misdemeanor conviction, on the other hand, is less severe than a felony. […]

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