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Tech Giants USCIS Letter to Help Millions of H1B Spouses

Read the letter from 60 of the world's largest tech companies, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce & an array of prestigious advocacy groups pushing the Trump administration to drop it's controversial plan to halt H4 EAD work visas for highly skilled H1B worker’s spouses.

H1B Deportation: Can DHS Stop Extending H1B Visas?

News of a DHS proposal to abolish H1B visa extensions and force large scale self deportation has caused widespread concern. However, an analysis of the statutes indicates it is unlikely DHS can stop issuing extensions without Congressional approval.

H1B Proposal Could Force 500,000 Self Deportations

DHS is considering new regulations to abolish certain H-1B visa extensions that could trigger deportation of 500,000 mostly Indian and Chinese workers. The controversial new proposal would have major repercussions for the entire tech industry.

10 Iconic American Immigrants

Immigrants have long contributed a critical component of what makes the US such a vibrant & unique country. Meet 10 Iconic Americans you may not have known were immigrants.

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Law Firm Review & Testimonial

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